If you are like me you are someone who loves meat. I eat meat for almost every meal and if it isn’t just right I will complain. This is probably one reason I will make my own food at home instead of going out. To start with however, you want to have a good meat tenderizer. If your tenderizer isn’t high quality, you could be chewing and chewing and no one wants that.

Pick a good grade of meat

To start with you really want to take time and find a high quality of meat. Picking a low quality of meat is just not worth eating.  This is not to say that you can’t use a cheaper cut of meat. However, you will need to pick an area on the meat and tenderize it.

Use good seasonings and marinades

I love to prepare my meat in a marinade. I will typically put my meat into a plastic bag with Worcestershire sauce, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper and maybe some pineapple juice. I will let these sit in the fridge all day allowing the flavors to be absorbed into the meat.

Let your meat rest

After removing from the marinade place it on your cutting board or a plate and allowed to rest. This will allow all of your juices to settle. Then, in a hot pan lay your meat down allowing a slight crust to form.

Don’t over cook

I like my meat medium well. However, most people like well done or rare. You want to cook your meat to medium when using marinades. This will help keep the meat tender as well as juicy. Under cooking or overcooking will just spoil the experience.

meat tenderizer

No matter what you do make sure that you enjoy your meal. Adding additional sides and finding the right beverage will only enhance your experience.